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Night Vision Binoculars Reviews

A night vision device is an optoelectronic device that permits pictures and images to be produced in insufficient lighting that is close to darkness. These electro-optical devices comprise of Infra Red image intensifier tubes that are enclosed in protective cases with a mounting system. Many of these devices include infra red illuminators along with telescopic lenses. They take the form of various devices such a night vision monocular, binoculars, scopes and goggles.

What are the top Night Vision Monocular Devices? 

Devices Features
Luna optics LN – EM1 – MS


·       A very popular small and simple night vision monocular device

·       It is sturdy and operates on a single AA battery.

·       A head mask can be used along with the device.

·       There are Infra Red illuminators that can extend the range and magnify the lens.

·       It is palm sized and weighs 12 ounces. The aluminium body keeps it light weight.



Bushnell Equinox Z



·       It is one of the top models.

·       It weighs 27 ounces and runs on four AA batteries.

·       It is weather proof and has an excellent grip that enhances its hold.

·       It has a 50 mm objectives lens that enhances magnification by six times.

·       There are three adjustable brightness levels that will take the viewing pleasure to whole new levels.


Night Owl Optics 5-Power NOXM50


·       This is a Gen 1 model of the night vision monocular device.

·       It weighs 3 ounces and runs on a single three volt battery.

·       It is ergonomic in nature and very easy to use and handle.



Why get Night Vision Devices?

These devices are a requirement to see the surroundings clearly when the light is insufficient. Whether it is camping out in the woods at night or hunting in the forests, these night vision gadgets are an absolute must. They illuminate the dark by amplifying the ambient light that is present in the existing environment or illuminate with infra red lights.

What are the top Night Vision Devices?

Some of the top Night Vision Devices include

  • Luna optics LN – EM – MS
  • Bunshell Equinox Z
  • Night Owl Optics 5-Power NOXM50

What are the uses of Night Vision Devices?

They are mainly used for military purposes and for law enforcement. Today, with the improvement of technology and creativity, they are more widely available to civilians for utilization. The common uses include

  • Nocturnal observation of wildlife
  • Night vision Photography
  • Night vision filming
  • Marine navigation
  • Security purposes and night vision cameras

How Night Vision Works?

Night vision devices are no longer just part of the fantasy and science fiction movies. They are very real and work very well. With the proper equipment, the vision of a person standing close to two hundred yards away is as clear as day even though it is actually a cloudy and moonless night.

The night vision works in two different ways

  • Image enhancement
  • Thermal imaging

What is Image Enhancement?

Small amounts of light are collected. This includes the lower portion of the IR spectrum. This IR spectrum is present but inconceivable to the naked eye. This is amplified so that the human eye can view the image


What is Thermal imaging?

Hot objects such as the human body emit infra red light more than cooler objects such as houses and trees. This upper portion of this IR light spectrum is captured by the night vision device. It is emitted as heat as opposed to simply being reflected as light.

A special lens focuses the IR light that is emitted by all objects. The temperature pattern known as a thermogram is translated into what is known as electric impulses. Different colours are formed depending on the intensity of the IR emission. The combination of various such impulses forms the image.

An image intensifier takes the available light and enhances the image. The infrared system measures the difference in the amount of heat generated and produces an electronic image of what is generating the heat.

What is Night vision Generation (Gen)?

Night vision devices are as old as four decades. They are put into various categories based on what is called generation.

The main difference between the various night vision generations lies in the intensifier technology. The increase in technology has led to performance increase and fall in price. The various generations are the result of this. The Gen is an indicator of the technology that has been utilised.

Best Cheap Night Vision:

Generation 0 – These Night Vision Devices use active infra red. The IR illuminator is the projection unit that is being attached to the night vision device. A beam of near infra red is projected by the unit. This is very similar to that of a normal torch light. This is invisible to the naked human eye and reflects off objects after which it bounces back to the lens of the night vision device.

Generation 1 :  This method uses passive infra red as opposed to active. It was once known as Starlight by the United States Army. Ambient light of the moon and the stars is used to augment the normal amount of reflected IR in the given environment.

Generation 2 : The next generation has major developments in the image intensifier tubes. Improved performances and enhanced resolutions are part of Generation 2. It has the ability to see in extremely low light environment. Micro channel plates are added to the image intensifier tubes to increase the sensitivity. The number of electrons is increased as opposed to accelerating the original electrons. This makes the images less distorted and brighter.

Generation 3 : This version is currently being used by the United States Military. The night vision devices deliver greater resolution and better sensitivity. Gallium arsenide is utilised to make the photo cathode. This is better in the conversion of photons to electrons. Ion barriers in the micro channel plate increase the life of the image intensifier tube.

Generation 4: This version has dramatically improved the images in both high and low level light environments. The ion film that was added in Gen 3 has been removed. Images are less distorted because more electrons are allowed to reach the amplification stage.

Change in the lighting does not affect the image that is being seen in the night vision device. The improvement in the device causes for it to respond to the change in the light immediately.


How does the Night vision Binoculars work?

Night vision Binoculars are essentially night vision goggles magnified. These are devices that can deliver clearer, detailed and better images. They are night vision goggles with better electro-optical devices and higher magnification that will amplify available light of any form for use. This enables the binoculars to minimise the glaring effect that could arise because of change in the lighting.

What are the most popular Night vision Binoculars?

  • American Technologies Network Corp. (ATN) has produced some of the most popular and finest night vision binoculars. They are the highest suppliers of night vision equipment in the world.
  • The Armasight vega – This is an affordable head mounted night vision device. There is a flip-up head gear that comes with this.
  • Pulsar Edge GS – these night vision binoculars provide high resolution for clear images. It comes with a five lens design and the tools are weather proof. The durable plastic and the metal exterior makes it a popular choice for many. This device does not record but the video is very stable.
  • Yukon 3.5 * 40 binoculars are one of the best when it comes to viewing wild life. They have a very wide view of the field. The quality of the image is incomparable. The Infra Red illuminator is quite strong. This product is definitely good value for money.

How does the Night vision Monocular device work?

A Night vision Monocular device is a hand-held night vision device with a capacity to amplify the light. They are designed to use with one eye as they are equipped with only one eye-piece. They are often called Night Vision Scopes.

What are Night vision Goggles?

Night vision Goggles are a specific type of a night vision device that has dual eyepieces. These devices do not contain any magnification. It can be used when in motion. It can be mounted on your head and is perfect for various situations such as gaming and driving.

Night vision goggles could come with one intensifier tube that sends the same image to both eyes or separate image intensifier tubes for each eye. They are equipped with straps that can be fit onto the head and hence can be used hands-free.

What are Night Vision Rifle Scopes

Monocular night vision devices are made up of only one eye piece and are also known as Night Vision Scopes. They are known as Night Vision Rifle Scopes when they are designed to be mounted onto weapons and fire arms such as rifles. They are used for night sights.

Which is the best Night Vision Rifle Scope?

Yukon Digital Night Vision Photon XT is considered to be one of the best night vision rifle scopes. They come in very handy in shooting animals such as rabbits. This is an original combination of daylight sight and digital riflescope. It is perfect for any illumination conditions such as day light.

The electronic reticle feature a number of shape and color variations. It can be mounted using a regular mounting bracket for sighting during the day. The lens cap can reduce the brightness. It is perfect for hunting as well as  general observation.

How to pick the best night vision binoculars?

To see in the night is a hobby and a passion for many. To others, it is part of their profession. The right equipment must be picked for any situation. There are different types of technologies utilised for different night vision devices. It is prudent to study both the environment and the device that will be apt for the same.

  • The environment is a crucial factor to be considered while picking the right device. The distance that must be viewed ought to be factored into as well. The appropriate gear and lens change with the distance, weather, and other visibility issues.
  • The gain is the relative level of the light that you will see when looking through the night vision device. Gain and magnification of the lenses are inversely proportional. The greater the magnification, the worse the gain. In such situations, a high gain device is most appropriate.
  • The budget and the amount of money to be spent on the device plays a role too. Don’t waste money on what is not needed.
  • While binoculars are easy to use and handle, monocular devices are cheaper, smaller and lighter. It is essential to see what is more appropriate for the situation.

When is head mounted device appropriate?

A profession as a wild life photographer or as a trekker will need a device that can be head mounted. The hands need to be free to be able to navigate through the forests and mountains. Light weight devices are easily carried and make appropriate night vision devices for such occupations.


How to pick the right model of the night vision device?

Night vision gears are not cheap. There are plenty of models and brands to choose from. Picking the right model can be quite tricky. For viewing in the wildlife, it is vital to have a wide view of the whole area. Locating and following the animal is easier when the entire view is covered. In this situation, binoculars would serve the purpose better than a monocular device.

What is a digital night vision?

This night vision device enables live recording of the events. This can come very handy for wild life tracking where it is very easy to miss some event. Recording helps to go back and watch it in slow motion as well as for documentaries.

Technology has seen a vast improvement in the night vision devices. Now, one can view things in the night as clear as in broad daylight. There are different devices for different requirement. Know your requirement and the surrounding in which you need to use the night vision equipment, to choose the right device with ease.

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